MLS Listing Process

  1. Order online or call 1- (320) 894 – 6675
  2. After you submit payment, you will then be directed to the Listing Steps.
  3. You will download the forms, fill out, fax or email back to us.
  4. Your sign and lockbox will be shipped within 1-2 business days.
  5. Once we have received all your faxed documents and photos, we will have your home listed within 1-2 business days.
  6. Please e mail  photos in jpg format.
  7. Once we have your home listed, we will email you a copy of your listing.

With us, you will work directly with a licensed Realtor / Broker to list your home in your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and® for a one-time low upfront fee.  We are not a “give me your money” and we’ll put you on the MLS kind of company!  We partner with you, forming a “home selling” team; we do all those things that require a license, but at a greatly reduced fee.
Studies have indicated that over 75% of home buyers find their homes through agents using the MLS therefore Sellers who do not utilize the MLS system are missing out on approximately 3/4 of the market!

Listing on websites are subject to change without notice.


How We Do This

  • We are a licensed brokerage in the state of Minnesota 123 Realty LLC.
  • We list your home on the REALTOR® MLS or Multiple Listing Service, for a flat fee. We are not a 3rd party referal site. We are the actual brokerage company that will list your property. THE ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR HOME ON THE REALTOR® MLS, IS TO LIST YOUR HOME WITH A REALTOR® — there is no other way!
  • Real estate commissions in many cases cost 6%. 3% going to the agent that lists your property and 3% going to the agent that brings the buyer (adding up to a total 6% commission).
  • With us, you pay a one-time low flat listing fee to list your property (as you listing agent), and if an agent brings you a buyer, pay that agent a commission, which is normally 3% (but you can offer less than 3%).
  • If you sell your own property, or we refer a buyer for your property (we refer all buyer leads to you) – you will not pay the 3% buyer agent commission (because there is not a buyer’s agent); saving you even $1000’s more.

Call 1-320-894-6675 or E-Mail us at  if you have any questions about the process.

We comply completely with all rules and regulations by NAR, MNAR & All MLS State Boards Market areas covered – Entire State of Minnesota

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